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The new Mavic 2 - not perfect

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

The Mavic 2

We've been waiting a while and it was always on the cards that DJI would bring out a new version of the popular Mavic Pro

They've made some massive and major improvements but I don't reckon they've got it quite right yet

Ok so it's got a great new Hasselblad 1" sensor camera - a massive improvement on the original camera. There's more obstacle avoidance sensors - something the original lacked and there's better quality imaging

However..... there are a couple of points that mean I'll keep my money for now

1. I don't like the smallprint for the warranty. it has sensors on the sides but DJI won't cover damage/loss if you hit something when flying left or right. Is this a sign that they aren't confident in their systems? No, I don't think that's it. The side avoidance doesn't work when using some of the flight plans

2. You still can't take photos and video at the same time. This means on some deployments I still have to make two flights to get both mediums. It's a shame as it wouldn't have been too difficult to build this in - other manufacturers have succeeded

This in effect means that if I invest in a Mavic 2 then I'll still have to keep my Mavic Pro

So as good as the new Mavic sounds, I think it's lacking and if I know DJI, I reckon there'll be a Mavic 3 just round the corner

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