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If you fly drones in Spain you need to register, take the online training and pay the fee
You will need to carry your drone registration with you and our ID cards are perfect
Once you have this, our I.D cards will show your unique details


Our ID cards are the highest quality and we are the FIRST company to produce them


  • Credit card size and quality - printed on an industrial, re-transfer printer
  • Full colour, edge to edge
  • Personalised with your details 
  • Comes with lanyard and card holder
  • The card holder is blue to match the neck strap

SPAIN drone registration card set

    • We will only issue these cards if you prove by email that you have registered with the relevant aviation authority
    • These cards are in no way endorsed by any aviation authority
    • These cards are designed as an aid for carrying details of your registration
  • Once you have purchased your card, you MUST email your certificate

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