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If you fly drones in the United States, when you register, the FAA issue you a paper certificate

This is likely to soon become unreadable


Our plastic cards are durable and professional

You can wear your new ID card round your neck on a lanyard or keep in your wallet

Your I.D card will show your unique details and a photograph


Our ID cards are the highest quality 


  • Credit card size and quality - printed on an industrial, re-transfer printer
  • Full colour, edge to edge
  • Personalised with your details and photograph


Once you have purchased, you must email us at



  • Your full name
  • Address
  • FAA registration number
  • Expiry date
  • Attach a passport style photo

USA Drone registration card

    • We will only issue these cards if you prove by email that you have registered with the relevant aviation authority
    • These cards are in no way endorsed by any aviation authority
    • These cards are designed as an aid for carrying details of your registration
  • Once you have purchased your card, you MUST email your details

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